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Q: Uisdeann was happy that Kien was ready to help her walk around. Of course she had tried a few times before with out his aid, but that didn't turn out well. The smaller ginger turned to him, "Are we just walking around the house today?"









"Nope, today I thought we could take a walk outside."  He went over to her and grabbed her arm. "It’d be nice to give you a chance to get some fresh air and be out of the house."

She thought about it for a moment,  We can. Just in case we stay out for a little while. I don’t think it would hurt to anyway.”  If Uisdeann got hungry, then she would just eat whatever they brought, that was if her stomach could take it. She gave another shrug and just waited for him to decide.

"Alright, let me whip us some sandwiches real quick and I can take some snacks too."  He had to let go of her and scurried to the kitchen to do so.  It was difficult at times having to do everything and his energy level was placed on max, but despite being so tired all the time…he actually enjoyed spending more time with Uisdeann. With her out of the hospital now, he could be more closer with her than before.

She nodded at the resolution and continued to stand when Kien left to fix the food. Uisdeann rested her hand on the couch and used it as a guide while she walked around it. “I can carry the basket, or whatever the hell you’re going to use, when your done.” She knew Kien was doing his best when it came to taking care of her and working. It wasn’t any easier when she got stubborn about something, and she knew it, but is was hard for her to not be doing things by herself. Even if her sight was gone for months now. 

"Alright," he smiled. There were some things he could agree for her to do, then others he had to absolutely put a stop to until something could be worked out.  When he had everything gathered and made, he placed them all in a container. With her speaking of a basket, he found something of the sort and soon returned to her side with it. "And here it is."

At least he could agree for her to do that much. There was hardly anything he would let her do on her own, such as walking to the bathroom, or generally around the house. And it pissed her off most of the time, even if it was for her benefit.
Uisdeann sighed and reached out for the basket, eventually finding the handle to grasp onto. Oh, it was this basket. She had never had a chance to use this for much before… “Are you ready?”

"Yep, I’m ready." Taking her arm, he helped her towards the door. Opening it and stepping out, he had to slowly guide her over the step which held the door tightly closed.  From there, he locked everything up and turned, ready to head straight to their destination.

It was wonderful to be outside again and breathing the fresh air. She felt the cool breeze blow through her choppy hair and lick her pale skin. Even though she couldn’t see, she turned her head slowly form shoulder to shoulder, as if she was trying to look around. Honestly Uisdeann wanted to start walking, but she knew Kien wouldn’t like that, so she stood there and waited for him

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Okay, so as you guys probably know, ask—bertl had his blog hacked and deleted. He lost everything, his followers and his threads. Since he created his new blog, thesweatygiant, he hasn’t had even half as much activity. 

All I’m asking is if you guys could please take the time to check him out. He’s a really good Bertl and he’s very sweet. He’s always open to new RP’s. 

Here’s the basics to his blog: 

- Mun is 18+
- All NSFW is allowed
- OC friendly
- But will not roleplay with non animated characters (ie) no movies or tv shows with real people
- no M!A
- one year tumblr experience
- can adap to all situations
-prefer multil para with good plot
- looking for Annie’s, Sasha, Petra’s and Mikasa’s
-AU welcome- prefers AUs
-skype available to mutuals

Please, please, please take it into consideration! He’s really good and mun is a total sweetheart! Thank you, everyone :3

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Q: Maybe Uis hitting Kien instead: ✹POW!✹







Slap to the face.

Time for a hallucination- ))

Uisdeann jerked her wrist out of his grasp and striked the palm of her hand across his face. “No! Let go of me-!” she screamed, pulling her other arm from Kien, “Don’t hurt me again!” Once more she tried to hit the older ginger, then backed into a wall, pressing her back to it. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she shook her head, indicating him to not approach her, "Get away from me-" 

A seizure…? She heard her doctor talking about that, but she couldn’t remember what it was. Her head was aching too much to really think. Uisdeann rested on Kien’s for, loosely wrapping her arms around him. The movement was really making her feel nauseous, but fought the urge to throw up. That would just make things worse. Resting sounded good. She let out a feeble ‘yes’ to the idea. Though for some reason, Uisdeann felt like she wasn’t going to fall asleep anytime soon.

As he lifted her, he was careful in making sure not to make such jerking movements in her stead. “Alright, and up.”  Now to his feet, bit by bit and inch by inch, he walked slowly into her bedroom. “I’m going to place you down now.” Lightly, he bent forward and had her rest on her side when placing her down.

Uisdeann felt so weak. She could hardly grip onto Kien’s shirt as he walked her into her bedroom. It seemed like her perception of time was distorted, since it felt like everything was going in slow motion. A couple of blinks later, she felt her skin touch the soft sheets of her bed. Is this what that… seizure did to her…? She didn’t know. Nothing was in place for her and she didn’t have the energy to figure it out.

Once she was down, he sat at the edge of the bed and ran his hand up and down her arm.  He wanted to comfort her as best he could. With the scare gone, his heart was still racing. He could only hope she didn’t go into another seizure. “Want me to get a blanket for you?”

Kien’s touch was so warm compared to how cold her skin felt. She reached up again, grasping his hand as tightly as she could. Of course Uisdeann wanted a blanket, but she didn’t want him to leave. She was just too scared. “St-stay…” She mumbled, turning her head to his direction. “D-dont’ leave m-me.”

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Q: "I can DO it."







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"Uid—" Kien brought his hand to her shoulder. "I-I don’t know if I should really let you do that just yet…"


"Alright, then go ahead." It was just the house. It was small enough that it was easy to move around it, but he did worry of the few sharp turns from the bedroom into the more open spaces such as the kitchen and living room.

She nodded and began to take some steps, acting slow and cautious with each. Bumping into something would be annoying, so she kept her hand out in front on her just in case she came lose to a piece of furniture or a wall. So far, this wasn’t too difficult..

Placing his hands on his hips, he observed her movements. “You know what might be useful? Possibly having like a longer extension to your arm which could touch things farther away rather than you using your hand and maybe miss something lower than your touch.” This gave him an idea. “Hold on—” Moving from his spot, he went to the outside closet and pulled out the broom.  He would need to replace this, but kicking off the bristle part, he held the handle. Going over to her, he took her hand and placed it in her hand.

Uisdeann stopped and when he began to talk. Something longer than my arm? Like a cane? Before she knew it, she heard a snap, then footsteps approaching her. “K-Kien?” What the hell was he doing? She felt him put something her hand. Like a rod. But it was the handle of her broom, she remembered how it felt, but without the actual function of one. “Did you just destroy my broom?”

"Yeah…" he rubbed the back of his head. "It’s the only thing I could think of at the moment without having to make or buy something specific. I’ll get you a new one to make up for it."

She blinked slowly and shrugged, “Okay… “Uisdeann fumbled with the handle as she tried to find a comfortable way to use it. In some positions it was almost to heavy to hold in a comfortable manner. Finally she found done and lightly glided it across the floor as she walked, using it to keep her form the wall as she traveled down the hallway.

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