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              breathing is a luxury that

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Q: Kien: Waiting outside of her bedroom, the ginger male had found a mirror hanging on the wall and used it to make sure he was decent looking. Adjusting his tie and straightening out his jacket, he had not clue why as to him being so nervous. This was just a date like any other he had gone on with women in the past, but why was it with Uisdeann it was of a different experience?




Tonight was it. The ball was going to start soon, though it felt like it was too soon. Uisdeann finished a few last things; adjusting the corset in her large dress, using a hint of perfume on her neck, and a few small things involving her hair, wrapping it all up with filing her lips in with a coat of red lipstick. It was strange to do all of this… being lady like…. 
It took a few minuets to finally make sure that everything was right, though it was hard to concentrate with her heart beating so rapidly. Giving out a sigh, the smaller ginger walked towards the door, reaching out and opening it- revealing Kien waiting on the other side.

Now that some Commanders and other superiors started on their brief speeches, Uisdeann began to look around for any one she knew. On the other side of the hall, she could see Regina in her beautiful red dress. It really complemented her nicely. Next to her was Lucas, of course, and some others for her graduating class were scattered around the area. A wave of clapping brought her back, to which she began to clap as well. Apparently the speeches were over and soon after, the music faded back in.
"D-do you want to keep dancing…?" Uisdeann asked, looking up at her date. 

With what was said, Kien actually did the same and looked around.  He spotted Regina like Uisdeann and even a few others he knew; Natalia and a few other Military Police mates…then Salma.  His gaze fell from her and back to reality.  His heart wrenched for a moment from their last fight. He hadnt spoken with her sense…their friendship was over.  As his head turned to gaze at his date, just how she was glowing tonight helped sooth the ache he held for the moment. “Yeah, lets dance a little bit more.”

The smaller ginger nodded and took his hand again, wrapping her arm around him once more. The music was much slower, and more intimate this time. Uisdeann waited for the right moment before she began to move to the rhythm, focusing on each step she took as she swayed. Her eyes wondered a little and saw that others had their partner pulled in close, and she did the same, though, that made her hear skip a beat. Just like practice , she thought, but she still felt her cheeks brighten anyway.

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                                      Do not
                                                 I can UNLEASH

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When you’re just scrolling and then you suddenly find porn


When you scroll down and you keep seeing more and more


What makes this so accurate is the amount of cocks

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